Surface book (i7/8/256/2)

The ultimate laptop
Incredibly powerful and meticulously crafted,Surface Book is a revolution in laptop design. The detachable 13.5“ PixelSense Display is optimized for Pen and touch and has higher resolution than MacBook Pro 13”۱٫ With the full power of a high performance laptop and the versatility of a tablet,Surface Book gives you everything you need to work with professional-grade software,anywhere you want.
  Built for performance
Surface Book is built to run all the professional-grade software you need for engineering,design,and everything in-between. Intel Core processors have twice the power of a MacBook Pro 13”۴ with an optional NVIDIA GeForce dGPU for unmatched graphics performance. And up to 12 hours of battery life for video playback3 keeps you going all day,every day,so you can bring your work anywhere.
  Meticulously crafted and built to last
Surface Book was carefully designed to be a powerful laptop that is thin enough to take anywhere without losing an ounce of performance. It’s built with a light magnesium chassis and an innovative Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge to keep it balanced at any angle.
 Detachable PixelSense Display,with Pen and touch
The 13.5” PixelSense Display on Surface Book is simply stunning,while working perfectly with Pen and touch. The 6 million pixels give you unbeatable resolution and color rivaling real life to bring your creations to life. Detach the display to transform Surface Book into a thin and light Intel Core i5/i7 PC,that runs professional grade software. Surface Pen has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and an eraser on the other end,so handwritten notes on your screen are just like pen on paper.
Watch,draw,or design
Once detached,flip the screen 180 degrees and reattach it to the Integrated Keyboard to present,watch movies,or design with Surface Pen. And you’re only a click away from the Windows Ink workspace,with quick access to sticky notes,a blank page for sketching,or a quick screenshot that you can mark-up and share.
Engineered for professional-grade software
Surface Book speeds through intensive professional software,like SolidWorks 3D CAD,AutoCAD Revit,and Adobe Premiere Pro. With the power to run this software anywhere,you’re no longer chained to your desk. Now you can create anywhere and everywhere,and the latest version of Windows 10 will always include up-to-date security and protection.
Log in with a smile
Sign in to your Surface with enterprise-grade facial recognition technology that can remember multiple faces,giving each member of your family access to their own profile
Unwind with Xbox and PC games
Relax at the end of the day and play your favorite Xbox and PC games like Minecraft,League of Legends,and Overwatch.



سازندهIntel Core i7
فرکانس۲٫۵ GHz up to 3 GHz
حافظه Cache۴ مگابایت

حافظه RAM

ظرفیت۸ گیگابایت

حافظه داخلی

ظرفیت۲۵۶ گیگابایت

پردازنده گرافیکی

مدلGeforce GTX 965M
حافظه اختصاصی گرافیک۱Gb

صفحه نمایش

اندازه۱۳ اینچ
لمس۵ لمس همزمان
نسبت تصویر۳:۲


درایو نوریندارد
دوربین پشت۸ مگاپیکسل
دوربین جلو۵ مگاپیکسل
اسپیکراستریو با فناوری دالبی
کیبورددارای نور زمینه
تاچ پدپشتیبانی از چند لمس همزمان
درگاه‌هاUSB 3,Card Reader,Mini Display

سایر مشخصات

شارژدهی باتری۱۰ ساعت
توضیحات باتریباتری لیتیوم-پلیمر ، یک باتری ۱۸ وات‌ساعت برای تبلت و یک باتری ۵۱ وات‌ساعت برای داک در مجموع باتری ۶۹ وات‌ساعت
سیستم عاملویندوز ۱۰ ۶۴ بیت
اقلام همراه لپتاپقلم سرفیس، شارژ، کابل برق

توضیحات تکمیلی


23 × 232 × 312 ميلي‌متر


1.8 کیلوگرم


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